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                                              It gives us great pleasure to greet you in the                                                 wonderful and matchless name of the Lord!


In this ministry, Jesus Christ is our message and winning souls is our mission. God has given us a great task to perform, that being, to reach those that are lost,  feeling hopeless or outside the arch of safety.  We have been commissioned to restore "hope" and the best way in life through the plan of salvation.  This is what ultimately brings "deliverance" to the spirit and the soul.


Come and experience hope that brings deliverance!   



Yours in Christ,



Pastor Carrie & Elder James Carter

About Us

Prayer and worship are the foundation of our Ministry.  While reflecting an image of Christ, we have an unquenchable appetite for harvesting souls in to the Kingdom of God.  We are passionate concerning the things of God and compassionate concerning people.  Our commitment is to relentlessly pursue, develop, train and birth out champions in Christ...

Our Leaders

Our Ministries

Daughters of Hope

Diamonds in the Rough

Men of Vigor

Set the Captives Free

The Ministry of Mime


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